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Our process helps pastors and other church leaders lead thriving churches to align vision, strategy, team, and action steps to identify obstacles and discover what to do as a leadership team through our consulting and leadership process.

Pastor Rick Brown

Founder of Kingdom X

30 Years of Visionary Leadership

Expanding God’s Kingdom through
leadership consulting

A Solid Foundation of Biblical Truth Builds a Life-Changing Ministry.

God-Inspired Dream for the Future.

Strategy Turns a “what if” into a “what is.”


The visionary leadership journey is challenging and more complex than
most people realize, and you want to get it right! Do you need more help
in developing a practical strategy?

If you’re a church leader who is experiencing a season of challenges and
feeling a bit discouraged, I can help.

If you know that God has more for your church and your leadership, Rick could be just the tool you need to move forward. Rick is careful, deliberate, and patient in the “vision development” process, decisive in the implementation, and gracious throughout the execution.

Kelly, Revelation Radio Station Manager

Kingdom X is a resource for frontline
church leaders

When we work together, you’ll have a safe place to ask and answer pinpointed questions to refocus and create a game plan for your next move.

Rick is an impressive visionary who is always seeking the Lord in every decision along the way. His knowledge of God’s Word, people’s hearts, and business experience was a huge advantage to our administration and ministry team. Along with his undeniable talent to find solutions!

Steve, Church Administrator

“For you shall expand to the right
and to the left…”

Isaiah 54:3

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Rick Brown

Rick is a pastor, communicator and visionary leader. More of Rick’s story here.


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Expanding God’s Kingdom through leadership consulting is the heartbeat of Kingdom X